In brownfield projects, systems integration is a high-risk to project delivery.  New systems and infrastructure are added to existing systems and infrastructure that were not designed to accommodate them.


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Managing the risk of brownfield Systems Integration requires interface identification, reverse engineering, interface design workshops, objective tradeoff analyses, and close management throughout.

The Countervail Engineering team has performed Systems Integration on the design side on Design-Bid-Build projects, initiated a brownfield Systems Integration Process for a Design-Build procurement (Program Management), and developed and executed a Systems Integration Process on the Contractor's side on a Design-Build project.

Systems Integration is a critical facet of the Countervail Engineering Integrated Project Approach skillset.

Greenfield Systems Integration is lower risk than brownfield, but still requires diligent interface identification and management, and verification during design and phased construction. All design disciplines must be involved, because Systems Integration, applies not only to systems and MEP but civil, structural, and architectural as well.